Package-level declarations


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class AddOnFeatures constructor(val campaignTag: String, val shouldIgnoreInbox: Boolean, val pushToInbox: Boolean, val isRichPush: Boolean, val isPersistent: Boolean, val shouldDismissOnClick: Boolean, val autoDismissTime: Long, val shouldShowMultipleNotification: Boolean, val largeIconUrl: String, val hasHtmlContent: Boolean)

Add-on features in push above basic features.

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class NotificationPayload constructor(val notificationType: String, val campaignId: String, val text: NotificationText, val imageUrl: String?, var channelId: String, val inboxExpiry: Long, val actionButtons: List<ActionButton>, val addOnFeatures: AddOnFeatures, val payload: Bundle)

Notification payload

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class NotificationText(val title: String, val message: String, val summary: String)

Text content for a push notification

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enum PushService : Enum<PushService>

Supported Push Services

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class Token

Push Token payload.

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data class TokenRegistrationResult(val isSuccess: Boolean, val token: String?)

Interface definition for token registration result